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WYDOT works around traffic delays

An effort to improve construction related traffic congestion at the Jackson “Y” had the opposite effect Tuesday. But the Wyoming Department of Transportation believes the problem has now been addressed.

Traffic delays increased when WYDOT tried to remove the old traffic signal system and transition to a temporary system. Small cranes were used to remove the signal poles. Traffic was limited to single lanes from all directions for safety reasons.

Resident Engineer Bob Hammond said crews had some issues with the transition. Crews worked to open a second lane of Wyoming Highway 22 in the intersection, which helped alleviate the problem. He said the new system is now up and running and will continue to operate for the next month.

“The signal will operate in what we call a ‘dumb’ mode where no detection is used in its operation,” said Hammond. One of the notable changes is a leading green arrow.

Another set of poles will be delivered and installed in November, including a new detection system.

“During this time, the islands and lanes will be in final configuration for the intersection. The temporary signal will be adjusted to match the new lane configuration and will operate through the winter until the permanent signal is installed,” Hammond said.

Hammond said the traffic issues are exacerbated by the lack of alternate routes through the valley.

Construction work has been condensed and some phase work will be underway concurrently to meet construction schedules.

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