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Local woman reunited with her dog eight years later

One local woman was reunited with her dog after 8 years. She says microchipping is the reason.

Amanda Rivers was in Kansas when her car broke down.

“A gentleman there let us camp in his backyard. We were there for a few days,” says Rivers.

She had to take a bus back home but when Amanda and her dog Iceis went to board.

“The Greyhound bus would not allow my dog to board. We tried every option, kenneling, buying an extra seat, they just would not let her get on.”

Amanda had to leave Iceis in Kansas, a man agreed to take care of her and allowed Amanda to leave her car and belongings until she could come back.

“Went back and couldn’t find her, or the vehicle or any of my stuff.”

Eight years later the phone rang.

“I got a call from an emergency vet clinic that she had been found. And so I went down there to Kansas to get her.”

But Iceis was sick.

“Her spine was sticking out of her back. She had a tumor the size of a basketball in her abdomen that was pushing all of her organs in her spine. We had taken her to a vet, he did an ultrasound x-ray, blood work, and everything. He said we could do surgery but it would most likely come back a month later because of the type of cancer it was.”

She made the tough decision to put Iceis down.

“She put her head on my knee and she passed away before they euthanized her. It was very sad too but I”m glad I got to say goodbye.”

Even though their reunion was short, she is glad she was able to see Iceis again.

“It was because of that microchip that I was able to find my dog. And it was just a miracle, thank God for microchips.”

Amanda says she’s thankful for everyone that has helped her over the years to make the reunion possible. She’s also thankful for the Pilots ‘n Paws group that volunteered to fly Iceis home free of charge.

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