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Reports detail man’s death months before son went missing

PHOENIX (AP) - A man who was fatally shot when picking up his son from his estranged wife in suburban Phoenix was confronted by his baseball bat-wielding stepdaughter, shortly before her uncle killed him during a dispute.

The killing of Charles Vallow occurred months before his 7-year-old son Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 17-year-old stepdaughter Tylee Ryan went missing.

Àuthorities say Vallow’s wife and her new husband never reported the children missing and disappeared soon after being questioned by police.

Investigators previously provided an account of the July 11 death, but released records Monday that revealed Ryan confronted Vallow shortly before the shooting.

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  1. Understand it is 4AM and only one cup of coffee has been consumed; however, is this story missing something cause as it stands it is like….I need more info if there is any.

  2. Remember, Lori Vallow is a goddess and is currently on husband #5.
    Hung Chad could very well turn up kaput as well if the pattern holds.
    I don’t believe the kids are going to be seen again.

    1. “I don’t believe the kids are going to be seen again.”
      Nor do I, Hugh. I would LOVE to be wrong and have them found alive but all I see is the smoke-screen of ‘It’s got to do with a (GASP!) CULT!’ attempting to cover-up the fact that–at least as they were reported to us’n proles–BEGAN dropping the ball a ways back and CONTINUES to do so unabated.
      Believe it or NOT, there are supposed to be levels of ‘red flags’ regarding minors’ safety, beginning with school ‘authorities’ and cumulating with law enforcement. Apparently the permeated indifference–THROUGHOUT that system) to the (now ‘missing’) children began/continued(?) upon the death of their custodial/or not parent. The reality is that people do not NEED cults to be evil. They–said ‘people’–are quite capable of acting evil using only their OWN resources! 🙁

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