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Possible Tylee Ryan sighting at a Nashville concert

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK)- A woman says she believes she saw a girl who closely resembles Tylee Ryan at a concert in Nashville December 22, 2019. While this is an unconfirmed report, the woman is sure it's the missing Rexburg girl.

Sarah Elrod-Ausbrook says she was at a Trace Adkins concert when she met a girl named Amy. The girl was said to be with a man and woman in their 60's and claimed to be from "out west" before changing to say Knoxville, TN.

After a strange text message exchange between the couple the girl was taken to the restroom. She return a completely different girl. Elrod-Ausbrook says, "There was something not right with how that conversation and how her behavior changed when she went to the restroom and she returned. She was extremely reserved, I mean, it was like somebody stitched her mouth shut. That is out of character for somebody to change their character that much in a matter of moments. That told us that something or somebody had control over her."

Elrod-Ausbrook contacted Rexburg Police, the FBI, and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen

Linda is an anchor and reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Pictures…..
    Nashville Airport has cameras everywhere; or at least they did about five years ago so I have to assume they are still there and most likely more.
    There has to be video of this meeting…..if there really was one.

    1. Based on the article, the veracity of which may be questionable, the meeting wasn’t at the airport (BNA.) it was at the concert, Thank you for your service, Detective Columbo.

  2. And this comes out 2 months after the fact! If it was reported right after that concert, why wasn’t someone on this? Why no press? Lori needs to be gathered up over there in Kauai and sat down with someone pulling her toenails out one by one until she talks. What an elaborate plan these people have carried out, murder, kidnapping, and how many are involved? Maybe those kids are in Mexico and that’s where Chad and Lori planned to meet up after their honeymoon in paradise.

    1. You mean spotted AGAIN?
      I do NOT believe this woman to be making this up. However, I also believe it is NOT Tylee Ryan. If there IS a problem with publicity on cases such as this one, it is that it creates a sort of false-memories in perfectly normal and rational people.
      To believe that this actually WAS Tylee Ryan, we need to believe that the members (‘elders’?) of the stated “Offshoot Mormon ‘Cult'” loves Trace Adkins concerts, loves them sufficiently to take a much-younger girl–who has been, along with her brother, the object of a MASSIVE nationwide search since SOMEBODY in ‘law enforcement’ decided that maybe two plus MONTHS since they were last SEEN needed to be checked out–to that concert as a….reward(?), then, rather than REMOVE the girl from the venue when she accidently tells the truth about where she CAME from, take her to the restroom and admonish her.
      Both ‘mommie’ AND ‘daddy’ violated a court order to produce the children. This constitutes–at a MINIMUM–contempt of court. Throw both of them in jail, and come back in, say, six months and ask them again. I’m guessing they might be a bit more….chatty(?). 😉

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