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Hundreds gather in Pocatello for “Kneel For Nine: Unity March”

Hundreds gather in Pocatello for "Kneel For Nine: Unity March"

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Hundreds gathered in the Portneuf Wellness Complex in Pocatello Wednesday for the “Kneel For Nine Unity March.” The event was a tribute to George Floyd, a black man killed by Minneapolis Police on May 25 and to bring together the community against police brutality.

Event organizers are former highland high school football players. They say they wanted to promote a peaceful march and strongly discouraged rioting, looting or violence of any kind.

Additionally, they invited the local law enforcement, namely the Pocatello Police Department to join them in their walk. The gathering was at 6 p.m. at the fairgrounds south of the main racetrack near Highland high school. The march began at 6:20 p.m.

“It’s humbling to know that that relationship exists in Pocatello with the student athletes to be able to approach us, to be able to communicate with us,” Pocatello police chief, Roger Schei said. “I believe communication builds good relationships and relationships is one of the most important things a police chief, or a police officer can do.”

The event featured a silent kneel for nine minutes in honor of George Floyd and multiple speakers. Organizers also encouraged the wearing of masks to all who attended.

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  1. I kneel for no man or woman, alive or dead. His death was a travesty of justice; however, the stats prove there are more unarmed whites killed by police officers every year than blacks, and many of those whites killed were killed by BLACK officers. But I’m not going to call all blacks racist cause of that. Nor will I call blacks racist cause a black killed two seniors in a DE cometary a few weeks ago.
    Some people of EVERY race are racist against other people of other races. Not right but a known truth.

    However, I hear nothing about the biggest problem in the black community and that is blacks killing blacks. If you are a black person you are more likely to be killed by a black person in your own neighborhood, and white people are more likely to killed in an all white neighborhood.

    But to kneel and apologize for the actions of someone you don’t even know is ludicrous and shows you are weak.

    And to top it off, is there any proof the cop killed floyd cause he was black, or was it due to something that might have happened where they worked. Yes, look it up, Floyd and that cop knew each other from a place where they used to work together.

    I have many black acquaintances, having lived in MI, NY, TN long before moving west. Many are friends to this day, some I cannot stand. However, I do not dislike them cause they are black, I dislike them cause they are H-holes; and that shows no color.

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