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Progress being made on new police station in Chubbuck

CHUBBUCK, Idaho (KIFI) - Construction crews have began the process of a total remodel of the Chubbuck Police Station. 

The Chubbuck Police Station was originally just a segment of the old City Hall building. The City opened its doors to its brand-new City Hall building on Sept. 14.

The Chubbuck Police Department will inhabit the entire space once the remodel is complete. 

"Our police were in what I termed just a small cubby hole," said Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England. "They need the room for their people to be able to work."

Mayor England says the project should take about a year to complete, but has talked with Police Chief Bill Guiberson, who says the construction isn't inhibiting his officers from doing their job. 

"We don't believe that it's going to affect negatively our policing power over the next year," England said. "It’s just going to be so much better when that year is done."

Mayor England says this project has been in the works for quite some time. 

"This all started a number of years ago when we had the discussion of what do we want to be," England said. "We started saying, 'Let's say that we were just barely created as a community, that we just got our charter. What is it we want to be?'"

With the current work being done, Mayor England says he hopes it can be something that the entire Chubbuck community can be proud of. 

"This is a facility that is just going to serve this community for many, many decades to come," England said.

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Cole Sams

Cole is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.


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  1. Totally agree the police needed a larger area. However, the city wasted millions on the new thrown and palace for England (who I hope is thrown out of office in the coming election) and the complete remodel of the old city hall is ludicrous.
    They didn’t need a new parking lot, they don’t need a years work to remodel it; just some minor remodel and all would be ok. The police get a new larger office space and the city gets to use their old city hall to help hide the fact they have a new one, no one goes to, basically hidden away in the small city.

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