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6 injured in 3 alarm house fire

3 Alarm House Fire Idaho Falls
Fire fighters work to stop a massive fire that injured 6 people

*The following is a joint press release from the Idaho Falls Fire Department and Idaho Falls Police Department. 

Idaho Falls, ID:  At 5:40 a.m. on July 5, 2020, the Idaho Falls Fire Department and Idaho Falls Police Department were dispatched to a structure fire located on the 1000 block of Terry Drive in Idaho Falls. The call came into dispatch from one of the neighbors who stated that the garage door was on fire and that they were knocking on the door but nobody was answering.

Two IFPD officers arrived on scene at approximately 5:43 a.m. and reported that the two-story brick home was fully involved in flames and that they could hear screaming from inside the home. One of the officers made entry through the front door and was able to get one adult female and one adult male outside. The other officer went around the back of the home to assist one adult male and one adult female out of the second story bedroom window. Officers provided aid to the four occupants until EMS arrived.

Initially, two engines, two ambulances, the ladder truck and a battalion chief were dispatched. The fire was quickly upgraded to a 3-alarm fire and two more engines and three more ambulances were dispatched. Idaho Falls Power and Intermountain Gas were also dispatched to provide assistance with utilities.

The fire had extended from the garage, into the main floor, upstairs into the bedrooms, and into the attic, eaves and roof.

Firefighters made an aggressive attack on the fire from the garage and the front of the home while others searched the home for additional occupants. There were no other occupants inside the home; however, they did find a dog in a bedroom that was killed in the fire.

All four occupants of the home were transported by ambulance to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in critical condition. The two IFPD officers went to EIRMC for evaluation for smoke inhalation and minor injuries. Both officers were treated and released.

The cause of the fire and estimated damages are unknown at this time. IFFD’s Fire Prevention and Investigation team is investigating the cause of the fire.

IFFD and IFPD extends our sympathies and condolences to those involved in the fire and to their families and friends.

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen

Linda is an anchor and reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Awesome job IFPD and firefighters. Police got there first and saved 4 lives, yet there are still imbeciles who want to de-fund police departments. Morons.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth, k1dpr! Although I have–honestly–never MET a ‘cop’ who I felt was rude or inconsiderate to me, I am absolutely CERTAIN that the ARE some. Statistically, it would be impossible for there NOT to be. To chant such inane koans as ‘Defund the Police’, ‘Disband the Police’, or whatever OTHER sound-byte is parroted by the over-reactive MORONS
      shows–certainly to me or any other rational human being–nothing beyond said parrot’s ignorance. What these IFPD officers did is what PROTECT AND SERVE means. I doubt VERY highly that these officers went to some clandestine ‘source’ to determine race/skin color prior to acting as they did. Was it heroic? I certainly feel that it was. I would honestly imagine that THEY simply saw it as doing their job.
      However, what I have seen–through the Watts riots, Rodney King riots, and a plethora of others is that SOME ‘protestors’ actually ARE protesting. The rest of the participants simply take on a mob-mentality and–whatever the ‘protest’ is regarding–simply use as an EXCUSE for anti-social behavior. This anti-social behavior begets ever-escalating ‘aggressive’ behavior from law enforcement, and the ‘circle’ not only IS ‘unbroken’, it worsens.
      As an analogy: If I’m sitting on my porch and a person who has had too much to drink decides to urinate in my yard, they’ll get a sharp–albeit somewhat controlled–admonition NOT to. If their response TO that admonition is to then defecate in that same yard….well, a couple of decades back, they’d have earned themselves a punch in the mouth. As I’ve aged….I guess there’s always that old broken axe-handle in my garage I just never got around to throwing away. 😉

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