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Murder suspects change plea

Dustin Alfaro
Isaac Angel Rodriguez-Romero

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - 11/01/20 UPDATE: Court document show accused killers Isaac Angel Rodriguez-Romero and Dustin Alfaro changed their pleas to guilty on Friday. The pair are accused of stabbing Arlyne Koehler to death in March of 2019.

Alfaro and Rodriguez-Romero are scheduled to be sentenced at 9am on Jan. 7, 2021, at the Bannock County Courthouse. Prosecutors didn't provide any details on what led to the guilty pleas. 

Alfaro is currently being held in the Bingham County Jail, Rodriguez-Romero remains in Bannock County custody.

Previous article - Isaac Angel Rodriguez-Romero appeared before Judge Robert Naftz Thursday to review latest legal filings in his murder case.

He faces charges of first degree murder, conspiracy, and an additional enhancement charge for use of a weapon in commission of a felony.

His jury trial on the charges was scheduled to begin April 28. The court indicated it may require up to three weeks.

Along with Dustin Alfaro, Rodriguez-Romero is accused in the March 18, 2019 stabbing death of 87-year-old Arlyne Koehler at 1055 McKinley Avenue in Pocatello.

Alfaro is being tried separately. His jury trial is scheduled to stand trial beginning March 3.

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  1. “Prosecutors didn’t provide any details on what led to the guilty pleas.”
    Okay; I’ll do it: Because ‘prosecutors’ are SO ‘over-worked AND under-paid’, that they–and some OTHER legal-weasels–bargained things out so NONE of the weasels would actually have to go through a TRIAL.
    Apparrently I am STILL foolish enough to believe that–even in THIS day and age–SOME crimes are actually vicious enough to demand real justice, as opposed to ‘justice’.My bad. 🙁

  2. Life without parole is too good for these subhumans. Anyone who would stab an 87-year-old to death, no matter their “horrible” life to date, does not ever belong in society again.

    1. ‘….their “horrible” life to date….” is almost CERTAINLY a lawyer-contrived (mitigating) fantasy.
      Even if NOT–at the ages given for these two life-forms–how could ANYTHING in their past excuse the–vicious–murder of a woman, regardless the AGE OF or METHOD USED?
      One of the problems, when human beings ‘judge’ animals like this, is the moral convictions OF those human beings. They SHOULD be treated the same as any other rabid animal and destroyed. But, of course, human beings are still susceptible to assuming that–simply because something RESEMBLES a human it is somehow deserving of being ‘handled’ like one. Wrong! 🙁

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