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New details of carjacking with kids inside

Bobbie Jo Torres, 29
bannock county jail
Raymond Aguirre, 24
bannock county jail
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POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - It was a family's worst nightmare when two young children were taken when two people allegedly stole the car they were in.

The siblings were able to get away and possibly even helped thwart the carjacking.

The incident started on Jan. 11 around 8:30 p.m. near Exit 67 on Southbound Interstate 15. A Pocatello father pulled over to help a car that had been swerving and slid off the road.

As Idaho State Police were on their way to help, they got a call that the man's car had been stolen with his kids inside.

Police records indicate that when Bobbie Jo Torres and Raymond Aguirre allegedly stole the Red Pontiac, they may have been drunk and high.

The description of Torres showed she had vomit on her jacket at the time.

Pocatello Police found the stolen Pontiac on Dolbeer Street outside of Aguirre's home, without the missing children.

Police arrested Aguirre and Torres inside as the search for the children continued.

Soon after, the children were reported safe at their grandparents' home on South 5th Avenue, about a mile away from where the Pontiac was located.

The children told police that Aguirre and Torres promised they wouldn't hurt them and they'd give them $100. Torres and Aguirre told the children they needed to get home.

Once the two were inside Aguirre's home, the children took the keys from the Pontiac and went to their grandmother's home, where they were reunited with their father.

Two juveniles are safe after two people stole the car they were in on Interstate 15 on Saturday.

A man stopped on southbound I15 around 8:30 p.m. to help a car that slid off the interstate near milepost 68. The subjects he stopped to help then stole his car with two juveniles inside.

Law enforcement found the stolen vehicle, a red 2006 Pontiac G6, unoccupied at a residence on Dolbeer Street in Pocatello around 9:10 p.m.

Officers took Bobbie Jo Torres, 29, and Raymond Aguirre, 24, of Pocatello into custody, but the juveniles were not located at the scene.

The juveniles walked from Dolbeer Street to a relative's house on South 5th Avenue, where police later located them.

 Torres and Aguirre are being held in Bannock County Jail on charges of one count of grand theft and two counts of second-degree kidnapping. If convicted of all felony charges, they could face a maximum of 64 years in prison.

Bail was set at $150,000 for both Torres and Aguirre. They are expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing on Jan. 27.

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Emma Iannacone

Emma is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. “Torres and Aguirre are being held in Bannock County Jail on charges of grand theft.”

    Is there some reason (‘cultural’ or OTHER) why these animals have not been charged with SOME degree of kidnapping?

  2. The real crime here are all those really in need of help along the roads of Americans highways and byways and those good deed doers that will drive on by, not knowing what type of receiption they will be blessed with! Thanks Bonnie and Raymond for being the loosers you really are. Another fine example of your……..

    1. Unfortunately, Huffdog–especially when with minors or other family–such altruisms as assistance, helping your fellow man, etc. are dangerous and have been for a number of years/decades now. Since the late eighties, I have stopped to help three or four young ladies change a flat tire, and once to give a guy about my age some gas (I carry a two gallon ‘can’ with me at all times). ALL within the city limits of Idaho Falls/ALL during ‘business hours’ (traffic passing by all the time)/ALL after first ‘assessing’ (aka, ‘profiling’) the subjects of my largesse very carefully ahead OF my stops. There may actually BE a ‘difference’ between criminals of lifestyle and criminals of opportunity, but it’s not really evident to the victims! ¿Entender? 😉
      I am elated that this….cultural misunderstanding(?) ended with no innocents–physically–harmed.
      It doesn’t ALWAYS work out that way, does it?

  3. There’s more to this story than what is being reported.
    If you see someone along the road who needs assistance, remain in your vehicle, tell them you’ll call the authorities. Keep yourself safe.

    1. That there is ‘….more to this story than what is being reported.’ is almost a given, Hugh, and. with one exception, I agree completely with your sensible advice.
      The part about ‘telling’ them you’ll call the authorities infers a close-quarters interaction with the ‘recipients’ of your compassion.
      This formula–sadly–has become; ‘Stopping my car to tell you that I will call for help + you having a previously concealed firearm = my car becoming YOUR car. Not sure really how to ‘Algebra’ that equation out, but I think you get the idea. Distance/movement GREATLY reduces risk in these situations. 😉
      Liberal pejoratives aside….it is an individual’s responsibility to NOT expose themselves to an completely unknown danger, regardless the reason(s) FOR that that exposure. Even the MILITARY sees that; hence ‘boot camp’.

  4. Good to see the charges upgraded. Would be much BETTER to see those same kidnapping charges actually PROSECUTED–rather than bargained away–and these filthy creatures put in prison for a decade or so. The reality is that these animals’ crimes will almost certainly leave a lasting psychological effect on the minors involved. As it is only logical to assume they (the animals) lack both the pot AND the window to throw it out, one of these nonsensical ‘One to FIFTY YEARS and a HALF-A-BILLION dollar fine!!!’ will have NO real effect except to make it (a BIT) harder to score their dope until they get the right connections in prison! 🙁

  5. Neither one of these scumbags is a stranger to the legal system.
    Raymond has been accumulating a lengthy record for about a decade now: Battery, injury to child, domestic violence, DUI, alcohol and probation violations. Probably has his own set of orange jumpsuits just waiting for him. Bobbie Jo is just low level pond scum – until this Dummy and Clod caper.
    I’m still waiting to hear about familiarity between the guy who stopped and these two. Like I’ve said earlier, there’s more to this adventure.

  6. “….probation violations.”
    Mah Gawd! Are you SURE, Hugh? This would mean–at least in THIS case–that lawyer bartering AND ‘probation’ have (GASP) FAILED to prevent additional AND more egregious crimes? Boy….I don’t know…that makes it sound almost as if superficial wrist-slapping (old archaic term used by old men such as myself meaning ” ‘justice’–as opposed to justice occurs”) and lawyer bargaining don’t work? Say it ain’t so, Mr. ‘prosecutor’, say it ain’t so! 😉

  7. “….they may have been drunk and high.”
    Well, THERE ya go! I can just see a lawyer jumping all OVER that one! It is NOT, BTW, a viable/LEGAL ‘reason’ for acting like animals, but the only thing MOST lawyers have to do with LEGAL is trying to figure out just HOW close they can get without actually/egregiously BREAKING the law.
    Personally? Between the “….they may have been drunk and high.” and the old ‘culture’ mitigation, I give it 90 days (If the crimes receive an unusual amount of public attention, maybe up to a year, but not really likely) before they plead guilty to an unreasonably reduced set of charges! 🙁

  8. There is still a plethora of facts that don’t add up in this whole deal.
    The kids just happened to take the keys and ambled to grandma’s house a mile away?
    Didn’t call for help from the police, relatives, no one else?
    Yeah, this makes lots of sense.

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