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Police stop wanted man with pit maneuver

100920 Pocatello Pit Manuever

Pocatello Police released video showing officer using the pit maneuver to capture a man wanted on outstanding warrants.

Terry Sutterfield, 45, of Pocatello was spotted about 4 a.m. Friday by a police officer driving over the Benton St. overpass.

The officer tried to stop Sutterfield who drove into the Albertson's parking lot on Benton to get away.

Sutterfield left the parking lot and headed back over the Benton St. overpass, an officer then used the pit maneuver to spin Sutterfield's car. Other officers were able to block him in as Sutterfield rammed the police cars trying to get away. Officer had to break the windows to his car and pull him to arrest him.

Pocatello Police released video of the pit maneuver tactic.

Police said the maneuver is a safe way to stop a speeding car without injuring the public. They said the officer who did the maneuver was seasoned and did it perfectly.

Sutterfield was taken to the hospital to be checked out and then was taken to jail.

3 police cars were damaged from being hit, they said.

Sutterfield was wanted on felony warrants, including battery on an officer.

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Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen

Linda is an anchor and reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. “Sutterfield was wanted on felony warrants, including battery on an officer.”
    Might be interesting if ‘we’ ever find out what the ‘prosecutors’ office bargains it DOWN to. 😉

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