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Boise insurance producer falsified applications

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BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) – Effective April 18, 2022, the Idaho Department of Insurance revoked the insurance producer license of Kelly D. Foster for 54 violations of the Idaho Insurance Code.

Foster, a licensed agent in Idaho who sold insurance with AFLAC, established an unqualified business account to obtain payroll rates for a client—despite the business not having the required three employees to do so—resulting in increased commissions. He wrote a total of 147 policies on this same group from 2011-2015 for policyholders that were not employees of this company. The policyholders were unaware of the company being listed as their employer on their applications or disability employer’s statements.

Foster admitted to the Department’s allegations that he violated Idaho Code § 41-1016(1)(e) and/or (h) a combined total of 54 times. He did so by signing insurance applications and/or transmitting policy applications and claims forms that he should have known (but claims he did not know) to contain false or incorrect information.

“Insurance agents hold a position of trust in Idaho, and we expect them to work with integrity and conduct themselves ethically,” Idaho Department of Insurance Director Dean Cameron said. “Agents should become familiar with their clients’ needs and verify that statements on the application are true and accurate so the company can property underwrite the risk.”

In addition to Foster’s insurance producer license being revoked, an administrative penalty of $54,000 – representing $1,000 per violation – was imposed on him by the Idaho Department of Insurance.

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