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Idaho Falls

‘Wall of Warmth’ is offering a unique way for people to stay warm

Wall of Warmth

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - A "Wall of Warmth" in Idaho Falls is offering a unique way for everyone in the community to stay warm.

Valorie Smith is a real Estate Agent best known for Valorie's List-Real Estate Agent with Idaho's Real Estate, but she is also the founder of "Wall of Warmth."

The wall is not quite the weather front it may sound like. It's a coat drive-in on Lincoln Road near Action Motorsports.

It's an idea as simple as the change tray on the store counter - take a penny, leave a penny -- but with coats.

"A lot of people have asked me how does it really work, and it's just like it says. If you need a coat please come take one. If you have a spare coat, come put one on the wall," Smith said.

Smith wanted to find a way she could give back to the community.

"Instead of doing a food drive I wanted to help more than just the one family. We want to help a lot of families and that's kind of where it started and it just kind of developed from a small idea and it just went from there and now it went crazy," Smith said.

Monday morning there were more than 600 donated coats hanging from a fence for anyone to take for free.

By the afternoon, about 50 coats remained.

Smith started this charity program but says it's a community effort.

"I just really want to put out my gratitude to the community because this couldn't be done without their love and support for this event," Smith said.

Smith is asking the people in the community to drop by and hang their coats on the fence.

The plan is to keep this going until Dec. 1 or until the coats run out.

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