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How Idaho Falls cleans up your commute

Snow Removal
Snow Removal

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Before snow even hits the ground, the City of Idaho Falls has plans in place to remove it.

Thursday, crews were working around the city to clear up yesterday's aftermath. It's a process that usually takes seventy-two hours according to the Idaho Falls street superintendent Brian Cardon.

"Please be patient with us working and be patient with our crews. We're working around the clock to get this cleaned up and if we're not in your area we will be there soon," Cardon said.

For streets that are wider with heavier traffic, or streets where the snow can only be pushed to the middle, The City uses a machine called a 'snow loader'.

It collects snow in the middle of the road onto trucks, which then take it to one of 15 sites used as snow dump area. The process is very effective, yet costly.

"We typically have about six trucks with that snow loader, that are contracted out to haul snow," Cardon said.

Cardon said it costs around $16,000 to clear up a light snow event. For heavier snow events, that cost can more than double. With such a high investment, the city wants to remind everyone of the importance of not shoveling your snow onto the roadways.

"There are times that we, we have just plowed a road and then we have someone that will shovel off a sidewalk or driveway, and push it out into the street, it becomes a huge hazard for the traveling public as they, as they go through there. I mean you can hit those piles of snow and it can cause you to lose traction or lose control of the vehicle," Cardon said.

Knowing when the snowplows will get to your street doesn't have to be a mystery anymore. Just check out the City of Idaho Falls new interactive map to see what streets have been plowed and when they will get to your street.

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Jilliana Colina

Jilliana is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Again; from what I’ve observed over the last two days, the Street Department is doing one hell of a fine job. Main streets are GREAT, and I assume the side streets will be taken care of in order of priority. This was a HUGE storm, to drop that much snow in a 24-hour period. My only real concern–given the migration from OTHER state to Idaho Falls–is that some Utah ‘developer’ will discover where the city is dumping the snow picked up and attempt to sub-divide it, marketing those nail-gun specials as “‘Mountain’ chalets” before it melts. And I mean, really, that’s the Planning and Zoning Department’s call, ain’t it? 😉

  2. The citizens of Idaho Falls are anxiously awaiting news of any disruptions to Mayor Becky’s regimen of pedicures, manicures, and hair styling due to the snowstorm. Shudder the thought!

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