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Monoclonal Antibody Treatment saves most from severe COVID-19 illness

IDAHO FALLS,Idaho (KIFI) - Monoclonal Antibodies are a source of help for for those at high COVID-19 risk. They are given to people either who currently have covid or have come into contact with someone who does have COVID-19.

The treatment attacks the spike protein of the coronavirus itself. It provides several antibodies that are tasked to specifically tag and remove the coronavirus.

There are 32 hospitals in Idaho that provide these monoclonal antibody treatments. The injection hasn't been approved by the FDA, but it has been authorized for emergency use.

This treatment is not a substitute for the vaccine. This treatment is only used in medical emergencies for those most at risk against the virus. It has only been used about 1000 times since the pandemic began. Also, these treatments are known to only last 90 days within a body, which is much less of a span of protection that the vaccine produces.

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Evan Thomason

Evan is the weekend meteorologist and reporter.


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