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Tips for all road users

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - Idaho is a beautiful place to explore, and one of the best ways to see and enjoy Idaho's byways and communities is by bike.

A number of folks with the Idaho State Police are also avid cyclists. That includes Lt. Michael Winans of ISP District 5 in Pocatello. Lt. Winans rides for fun and competition, and he knows the value of following the rules of the road.

Here are his tips to make sure nobody gets hurt.

Cyclists and motorists are entitled to the same rights on the roadways.


  • Expect & watch for cyclists
  • Treat cyclists like slow-moving vehicles
  • Pass when safe
  • Give ample space


  • Use hand signals
  • Be visible and predictable
  • Know the rules of the road
  • Ride lawfully, respectfully

"Cyclists and motorists are both entitled to the same rights on the road," Winans said. "Motorists, expect cyclists on the roadways. Watch for them and treat cyclist as any slow moving vehicle. Wait until it is safe to pass. Which means giving ample space between the vehicle and cyclist. Be patient and refrain from tailgating… And cyclists use hand signals and be visible and predictable to motorists. Know the rules of the road and ride lawfully and respectfully. 

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