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Scarface Fire grows to 7,241 acres


SALMON, Idaho (KIFI) - The lightning caused Scarface Fire that started on August 7 has burned 7,241 acres.

It is 20% contained and is burning 2½ miles southeast of the Middle Fork Lodge; Middle Fork Ranger District; Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

The fire is active with running, torching and fire backing down slopes. Firefighters are continuing point protection actions which include burning out above the private land in the area. On Friday, as conditions allow, firefighters will continue those burnout operations with the overall object to bring fire down and tie into the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Fire has crossed into the Little Soldier Creek drainage to the northwest of Thomas Creek. To the south, the fire continues to flank towards Little Creek. Smoke conditions allowed firefighters to access the Cougar Ranch area yesterday. Firefighters are assessing and preparing values at risk in that area so that point protection strategies can be initiated if they become necessary. 

Firefighters continue to prepare the area around the values and are ready to continue to implement point protection, if necessary, for those identified values. The Incident Commander and other fire resources are taking a reconnaissance flight today. Firefighters are using a point protection strategy for the Scarface Fire. A point protection strategy is a wildfire response strategy which protects specific assets or highly valued resources from the wildfire without directly halting the continued spread of the wildfire. Values at risk are defined as property, structures, physical improvements, natural and cultural resources, community infrastructure, and economic, environmental and social values such as the Middle Fork River corridor. 

The Boundary Fire Area, Road, and Trail closure Order #04‐13‐21‐015 covers the area in and around the Scarface Fire. The purpose of this order is to protect public health and safety from the effects of the Boundary Fire. For a description of the closure area and map please visit A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place for the Scarface Fire.  More information on the TRF can be found at

The forest is asking visitors to be aware of the VERY HIGH fire danger for the Salmon-Challis National Forest.

Nationally, there are 57 uncontained large fires being managed under a full suppression strategy and 42 large fires managed under a strategy other than full suppression. 

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