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Day 15 has Chad Daybell’s mother testifying, along with Kay Woodcock

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) - Kay Woodcock took the witness stand on day 15 of the Chad Daybell trial.

Family members take the stand on day 15 of Chad Daybell's trial.

Kay Woodcock, JJ Vallow's grandmother, was called first.

The line of questioning focused on her relationship with JJ and when she began to be concerned for his well-being.

Prosecutor Rob Wood: "Did you ever contact law enforcement about JJ's whereabouts?”

Kay: "Absolutely. I mean, that was the. Once we knew Charles was dead, we knew he was in trouble because Lori didn't want JJ anymore. She didn't want Tylee anymore. She didn't want Charles anymore. She was done."

Kay recalls that Lori Vallow contacted her after discovering the change-of-beneficiary form for Charles Vallow's $1 million life insurance policy.

Charles was killed in July 2019.

The next witness was Angela Yancey.

She worked in the Sugar-Salem School District over payroll and benefits during the time Tammy Daybell worked there.

After Tammy's death, Angela Yancey spoke with Chad in person.

Angela: He came in to inquire about filing the life insurance claim. And I explained to him that we had to wait until the death certificate was received. And he said that's okay. I've ordered eight of them."

Prosecuor Rocky Wixom: “Was there anything unusual about the fact that the timing of his claim for the insurance, in your experience?”

Angela: “In my experience, yes.”

Wixom: “What was unusual?”

Angela: “That he came in so quickly.”

Wixom: “When you say quickly, explain that context to the jury, please.“

Angela: “Tammy had passed away sometime between Saturday and Sunday, and he was in my office Monday morning.”

Wixom: “And when he came in, he had already ordered those death certificates.”

Angela: “Yes.”

In cross-examination by Chad Daybell’s attorney, John Prior, asked Angela how many employees with insurance does she oversee?

Angela: It was about 200 employees.”

Prior: “Okay. And of those 200 employees, you you seem to have very specific recollections of of exactly what Mr. Daybell said to you. I find that interesting. Is that is there a reason why?”

Angela: “I believe any incident that is a bit traumatic sticks in your memory.”

Chad's mother, Shelia Daybell, also took the stand.

She was questioned primarily about the relationship she observed between her son and Lori Vallow after Tammy's death.

Tammy died in October 2019. Chad and Lori eloped 17 days later.

Prosecutor Ingrid Batey: "In the LDS faith, it's not uncommon to get married quite quickly, right?”

Shelia: “Not uncommon.”

Batey: “Right. In fact, when young men come back from their missions, they. It's not. You're smiling. When young men come back from their missions, it's not uncommon for them to, start a relationship with a woman and marry quite quickly. Would you agree with that?”

Shelia: “I would agree.”

Batey: “After the death of Tammy, it was pretty quick. We could agree that it was pretty quick that he got married to Lori. Correct?”

Shelia: “Yes.”

Batey: “Sheila, do you think it's common within the faith, the LDS faith, to get married two weeks after your spouse dies?”

Shelia: “Not common.”

Batey: “Okay. Thank you very much, ma'am. I have no further questions.”

Chad Daybell's sister-in-law testified about Chad's religious beliefs and his motivations for moving to Idaho.

She said he moved very close to her and her family against her explicit wishes.

Court continues Friday morning.

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