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Getting that perfect smile

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) - There has never been a better time to have braces.  

New technology can make it easier for people no matter how old they are.    

It can even help you get that beautiful smile faster than ever before. 

It’s called accelerated orthodontics.

The idea is to straighten your teeth with new procedures that allow you to have treatments that are barely visible or braces that are completely removable or a combination of traditional braces and aligners.

"As an orthodontist, my goal is to educate. My goal is to bring you into our office. Make you feel comfortable," Dr. Tyler Leavitt said. "We don’t even charge for that exam. We want to give you all the information to show ya, 'Yeah we can treat you.' Age is not a determination of whether you can get braces or more popular Invisalign or clear aligners to help you achieve that goal. So, if you’ve always wanted your whole life to have braces or Invisalign, come see us. Let us show ya and let us inform ya so you can make a good decision and move forward."

Linda Larsen

Linda Larsen

Linda is an anchor and reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.


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