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Close encounter with a mountain lion

Close encounter with a mountain lion

PROVO, Utah (KIFI/KIDK) - A Utah man had a scary encounter while taking a hike in Slate Canyon outside of Provo Saturday.

Kyle Burgess shared the video on his Instagram.

Just a couple of minutes before that video, he came across two baby mountain lion cubs.

Seconds later mom came running out of the woods towards him, and he reacted correctly, according to Idaho Fish and Game, by not turning around and running away.  

Multiple times the mountain lion lunged at Burgess, and he never turned to run.

He continued to slowly back down the hill never turning his back on the big cat talking to it and yelling at it constantly.

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  1. One way to avoid being attacked, the other is to pull out a handgun and shoot three rounds into the dirt in front of the cat. Did it twice in UT (once outside Moab the other in Cathedral Valley) and a few times in ID/WY.
    No need to shoot the cat, just spray it with the gravel in front and leave.
    DO NOT try this idea with a bear. 🙂

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