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Bipartisan bill would target picketing of private homes

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI) - A Republican and a Democrat in the Idaho House are coming together on a bill to punish people who are protesting at someone's home.

The bill is being proposed by Greg Chaney, a Republican from Caldwell and Brooke Green, a Democrat from Boise.

The bill is in response to protests last year that took place outside the homes of elected leaders and health board members for the decisions being made about the pandemic.

Both lawmakers say the bill aims to protect one's privacy at home despite their profession.

The bill would not apply to people whose homes are their principal place of business.

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  1. Should be a federal law. Too many timers the person they are trying to protest against is not even at that location and the family gets frightened and threatened, and the neighbors get punished for being nothing but a next door neighbor.

    I know it appears to help republicans; however, there have been a few cases where dems were targeted.

    But again, there is no need to do this other than to attempt to intimidate the family members and pee off the neighbors.

    1. Agree completely! “Peaceful demonstrations” are–as with many other somewhat vague terms–a matter of opinion. Even when they ARE, a mob/large group of angry people can be terrifying.
      Also, almost always, the politicians who wheel their egos into gradually more-powerful positions do so with TACIT permissions (at best!) of their families and, most likely, not even THAT from their neighbors. As such, choosing to accost THOSE people is much like taking a swing at the guy in the seat behind you when YOUR steak isn’t done the way you ordered it.
      Hate on the prostitutians all you want, but leave the innocents OUT OF IT!

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