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The Nation’s Weather

The Nation’s Weather for Sunday, September 20, 2020



A large swath of cool Canadian air will continue to control

the eastern portion of the nation tomorrow, bringing frosts

and freezes to much of the inland Northeast to start the

day. Most areas can expect sunny skies. Tropical Storm Beta

will approach the Texas coast accompanied by showers and

thunderstorms, along with damaging wind gusts. Flooding and

large waves are expected coastally from southern Texas to

eastern Louisiana. Showers and thunderstorms will continue

across much of Florida, while the Southwest is expected to

be seasonably warm. A front will sweep across the Plains and

bring breezy weather to Minnesota and Iowa, followed by mild

or warm conditions. In the Northwest, hazy skies will linger

in spots, but mostly sunny in places.


No new information for this time period.


No new information for this time period.


National High Saturday 105 at Needles, CA

National Low Saturday 21 at Saranac Lake, NY


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