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Idaho governor gets flak from own party on virus decisions

Governor Brad Little
Governor Brad Little

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s efforts to flatten the curve and slow the rate of infection and spread of the coronavirus after it made a rapid entry into the state last month have succeeded.

But with infections slowing, the Republican governor is facing growing unrest within his own party.

Groups are chaffing at his stay-at-home order and the closure of non-essential businesses despite the risk of a second wave of infections. Calls to disobey have increased along with a smattering of defiant actions across the state.

Idaho has 1,802 virus cases and 54 deaths, according to a tally on Wednesday by Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. Gov. Little deserves more than “flak” for his spectacularly poor judgement regarding his stay-home orders. He deserves to be removed from office and Idahoans shouldn’t wait till the next election to get rid of him. His orders have nothing to do with “flattening the curve”. There was never any extraordinary demand on hospital resources anywhere in the state. Even in NYC, there are plenty of hospital beds for any covid-19 patients that need them as the fear mongers have grossly overestimated the demand for them by orders of magnitude. Little had an opportunity to rescind his earlier order and correct his mistake, but instead chose to double-down and extend the order to the end of the month. What is the goal of the order extension? The extension says its to stem the rapid spread of the virus. There’s nothing in the order about “flattening” any curve. Instead we get an indistinct, impossible, open-ended, and aimless goal. New viruses rapidly spread through populations at first until natural immunity (herd immunity) is established. That’s what they do no matter what anybody wants. Brad Little is determined to make the cure worse than the disease by throwing tens of thousands of Idahoans out of work. For 99%+, the novel coronavirus is not a serious threat. For the tiny fraction that will get very sick or die, these people aren’t even in the work force because of their underlying health problems. Brad Little needs to go.

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