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EIPH amends Bonneville County face covering and other restrictions order

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BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Eastern Idaho Public Health’s Board of Health amended the Order of Restriction for Bonneville County Thursday.

The amendments included additional language regarding the determination of the number of participants at social gatherings and events as well as adding an exemption to those who do not need to wear a face covering. All other items in the order remained unchanged.

The specific language changes are listed below:

Social Gatherings/Events

“Social gatherings and events, both public and private, are restricted to a maximum occupancy in the venue that provides for approximately 28 square feet per person (area of a 3-foot radius) based on the area patrons and gathering/event staff, participants, and/or performers will be situated for the gathering/event. It is required that physical distancing of at least 6 feet be maintained between non-household members while seated/positioned at the gathering/event.

Gathering/event organizers must ensure physical distancing be maintained at ticket booths, entrances, exits, restrooms, concessions, or any other locations within the venue.”

If event planners have specific questions or need clarification, please contact EIPH’s COVID-19 hotline at 208-522-0310 or 855-533-3160 (toll-free)

Face Covering Exemptions

“Facial coverings are not required to be worn under the following circumstances: Persons actively engaged in competition, training or practice that involves strenuous physical activity when wearing a face covering is not feasible. Physical distancing from other persons should be
maintained as much as possible.”

This language change does not include individuals who are not actively engaged in strenuous physical activity like coaches, trainers, athletes sitting on the bench or standing on the sidelines, half time, pre-game, between drills, etc. The expectation under the order is people in these circumstances to continue wearing face coverings.

Health officials say COVID-19 cases are increasing exponentially and it is important, right now, to do your part to slow our spread of COVID-19, particularly wearing face coverings when in public when maintaining a space of six feet between yourself and people not of your household is not possible, washing your hands more frequently, and staying home if you are sick.

"If our citizens come together and commit to these strategies, it could make a huge difference in our communities."

You can view the full order HERE.

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  1. Have shopped at both Wal-Mart and WINCO this past week. Both have sign and mask enforcers station at their doors. Still see shoppers without masks (either they wear masks coming in and then remove said masks or refuse to wear them at all and are still allowed entry) Money more important than lost revenue/safety? Without enforcement all the good intentions/laws/rules are a joke!

    1. There is no science that supports the notion that face masks prevent viral infections. On the contrary, there are a number of studies that show that the face masks are worse than useless. They lower blood oxygen levels and increase blood CO2 levels. Combined, these two factors inhibit immune response.

      We agree that the face mask rules are a joke–a bad joke.

    2. You got it, Huffdog. I was at the Utah Avenue Wally World last Sunday at 7:00 am. Watched one of our FINE Hispanic population with what appeared to be two two- or three-year-old children walking across the parking lot. No mask! I saw the ‘doorman’ ask him where his mask was. He released one of his(?) children’s hands just long enough to give the ‘doorman’ THE finger. Further down the North entry aisle, he had exactly the same ‘response’ for another staff member that asked it….I mean ‘him’, of course. Either from fear of a knife attack OR simply because the Store Manager had TOLD them, the two Wal-Mart employees just shook their heads.
      I’m guessing either it…again; sorry HE….was was just teaching the kids how very important it is to follow society’s rules. You know; like Madre y Padre taught HIM about immigration laws.
      For those of you who think this is a racist’s rant: Don’t behave like arrogant, self-center ***holes and maybe you could change MY opinion of you!

  2. Hard for a store to enforce this, but by state law if a store asks someone to leave and they don’t they can call the police and have them ticketed for malicious trespass. But you know Wally’s will not and most other locations will not.

    But would we expect that a minimum wage employee would get involved with a customer who says no to something that is not technically illegal as a stand alone law? I wouldn’t want them too. They are not trained nor do they have the equipment in case that possible knife if pulled.

    So I do suggest, growing some and understand Dr. Death and Dr Fear have stated the mask you wear will help (maybe). So possibly you guys need to grow a set a tiny bit larger than current size?

    Also have to ask, take a look at the employees of Wally world who wear masks covering ONLY THEIR mouths and not their nose. How many times they pull it totally down….look next time and then complain about one person.

    In answer to the knife….a reason to carry a gun. Someone pulls a knife on you, you can LEGALLY shoot them as a method of self-defense. And then they won’t need a mask.

    1. Agree….but….a WallyWorld employee who does anything whatsover that may result in WallyWorld losing appreciable income–say $.15–is going to be a ya-want-fries-with-that? ‘server’ really quick. In ‘our’ society the punishment for attempting to do what IS right (usually the loss of a job/sometimes imprisonment) withOUT using any sort of weapon occurs faster than a shoplifting booking. Such inanity has becomes less REPORTED than it was ten years back simply because of employee indoctrination by the various moneychangers, etc.
      My opinion of masks is a lot like yours: ‘….the mask you wear will help (maybe)….’ My comment was simply that some people care much more about public safety (safety?) than OTHER ‘people’. 😉
      It’s any stores’ right to limit who shops within their outlet. Not sure how to say this in Spanish, but….if you don’t ‘agree’ with store policy, shop elsewhere! 😉

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