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With limited vaccine, Idaho faces priority group confusion

Cropped Lisa Ferdinando / DoD / CC BY 2.0

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Limited coronavirus vaccine availability, confusion over which Idaho residents should be vaccinated first and rumors of line-jumpers are all complicating the state’s vaccine rollout.

Members of Idaho’s COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee met Friday to help clarify exactly who should have first dibs on the state’s doses.

Sarah Leeds with the Idaho Immunization Program says the demand is far higher than the doses available.

So far, the federal government has distributed more than 178,000 doses to Idaho.

That’s a rate of about 9,970 doses for every 100,000 residents, putting Idaho near the bottom compared to the allotment given other states.

Associated Press


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  1. Maybe if there was intelligent info available it would be better. I wrote the SIPH district twice about what classification I am in, and someone finally answered, sending me a copy of the exact into I noted I had the question about.
    Didn’t read my email, or didn’t care.

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