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National School Choice Week

Martin Luther king’s day isn’t the only thing being celebrated today.

It is also the start of national school choice week.

The goal of national school choice week to let parents know that they do have a choice in their children’s education.

This week is for the parents. No one knows our children better than the parents do.

The idea for this week is to take this time and do some research to find out if you’re child is getting the best education suited for their learning style.

Erica Kemery, Administration of Montessori Charter School says, “Many parents assume that their local neighborhood schools best option for their child. Later they learn there are different reasons to make that decision to switch schools.” There are new and different types of schools made available these days. There are public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, boarding schools, privet schools, online academies, and even homeschooling. When deciding to have your child change schools it’s important to match your child with a school that will meet their needs, interest, and inspires them to succeed.

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