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Head on collision kills Arco woman near Idaho Falls


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Idaho State Police reported a fatal accident west of Idaho Falls on Saturday night.

Around 7:23 p.m., ISP investigated a fatal three-vehicle crash on US20 at milepost 296 in Bonneville County.

Jaydon Hale, 20, of Idaho Falls attempted to pass Adam Touchette, 28, of Idaho Falls while heading east. Hale collided head on with Rochelle Taylor, 54, of Arco, who was traveling westbound, ISP reports.

After the collision, Taylor struck Touchette's car.

Taylor died on scene and police notified her family. An air ambulance transported Hale to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls. Touchette was not injured. 

Hale was not wearing his seatbelt, but Touchette and Taylor were wearing theirs. 

The accident blocked lanes for about three hours. Idaho Falls Ambulance and Fire, Bonneville County Sheriff's deputies and Idaho Department of Transportation also helped ISP at the scene.

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Emma Iannacone

Emma is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. Doesn’t it seem odd/ironic that the CAUSES of such fatalities–whether THIS moron or the skank in Shelley who slaughtered the man and his child who had the AUDACITY to STOP for traffic ahead of them–seem so often NOT to be harmed?
    Then again; it seems VILE that such sub-human **** will likely not be held accountable for their idiocy because ‘our’ prosecutors soil themselves at the mere POSSIBILITY of actually HAVING to ‘prosecute’.
    Were I a ‘believer’ I believe I would be PRAYING that such filth die a very slow–and very painful–death! 🙁

  2. The POS will probably get off due to age and a weak prosecutor. He should get a few years for manslaughter but it wont happen. I bet he gets off with inattentive driving.

  3. Love the spirit of the law among readers of this rag. Everyone is guilty of something before a complete investigation is done and the law is always peed on by those about as knowledgeable as my dogs. If you are so smart on this subject, please fill us all in with actual facts and no inuendoes and condemnations of the law enforcement people you are blasting. (And at times they do deserved it.)

    Don’t always go after the prosecutor go after the congress and what a jury would do.
    Unless there is proof of an “under the influence” charge of drugs/alcohol, or the guy was texting, as much as I hate to say it, it could be just a STUPID ACCIDENT. And there is no law on the books for being stupid.

    Also in many of these cases if taken to court the prosecution does not win but does end up wasting thousands of dollars in taxpayer money for prosecutor costs as well as court costs.

    Accidents do happen. And if no laws other than a misdemeanor what can a prosecutor do. Prosecutors like LEOs, can ONLY enforce (or supposed to enforce) laws. It has been proven some colors of vehicles are harder to see at certain times of the day could that be a reason, whether conditions can also be a cause. But as stated earlier ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN.

    But I’m sure neither of you have ever had an accident, nor will either of you ever have an accident, cause you both are just so perfect.

    So, let’s see if there is a follow up article (doubtful) and see why the accident happened.

    If the guy is proven to be a moron and violated A LAW he deserves a lengthy prison sentence; if it was just an accident, then he will most likely find himself in a civil case in Bonneville County (sorry to say, that sometimes can be the only relief).

    1. I believe the purpose of these types of sites are to express opinions. Based on historical evidence–as in ‘prosecutors’ past behaviors/officers’ traffic reports–I expressed MINE.
      A vehicle from another lane, passing improperly on a two lane highway, IS at fault. Nonsense such as ‘vehicle color’, sun’s position, and ******* HOROSCOPE SIGN(S) are simply lawyers’ ways of obfuscating and mitigating ‘accidental’ homicide!
      As far as the ‘civil case’, such actions would require that Jaydon Hale, 20, of Idaho Falls, have (a realistic!) ‘mandatory’ vehicle liability insurance, a pot, OR a window to throw it out! Vegas oddsmakers are probably shut down for the virus, so you want to give the ODDS on any of those, J.?

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