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Bison injures woman in Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (AP) — A bison has injured a hiker in Yellowstone National Park.

How the bison hurt the unidentified woman Sunday near a trail at the northern end of Yellowstone Lake is unclear.

A park spokeswoman describes the injuries as significant.

The Billings Gazette reports she was flown to a hospital in Idaho Falls.

Bison injure one or two people in Yellowstone a year on average.

Park officials urge people to stay at least 25 yards away from large animals and at least 100 yards away from wolves and bears.

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    1. During my visits to YNP over the years I have witnessed-personally-
      visitors ‘stupidity at a WEAPONS-GRADE level. As a lifelong Idaho resident, I realize that some of the ‘visitors’ to Yellowstone are less versed in the behavior of wild animals (DESPITE the fact that every state and nation HAVE wild animals!) than the local, more ‘outdoorsy’ types found in the area. This is, for the most part, NOT the type of people I am referencing. I am talking of people who are obviously lacking even the most basic traits of common sense.
      There actually SHOULD be a hand-out given to visitors entering any gate to the park. It should read “Nature’s ‘rule’ is that of survival of the fittest! For reasons both unknown and, now, lost to the ages, mankind has found it preferable to constantly ignore and disregard that rule, as well as most other laws of nature, creating compensations for the SotF rule. You are now entering a world where nature, not man, is ultimately in charge of things. If you can muster enough sense-and, of course, time AWAY from your ‘Smart’ phone, to READ this, try really hard to understand that there is a PLETHORA of things here that can kill you. And perhaps more importantly, DESTROY your damned ‘Smart’ phone! If this seems incidental to you, well then maybe it’s just that pesky SotF rule coming into play.” 😉

  1. But Thomas….it is so much fun watching these idiots get attacked cause they wanted a selfie. And traveling through YNP a few times, yearly, to get over to Cody; those animals are boring, so idiots being trampled or just goosed by Bison helps with the boredom.

  2. Point taken, J. Besides….there are so MANY morons around, who’s really going to miss a few?
    BTW, many many years ago I had an ‘encounter’ with a black bear. I was elk-hunting and carrying a .308 Sako Finnlight (if memory serves). When I saw the bear, it was probably a bit OVER 100 yards, and apparently VERY unhappy about his team’s win/loss ratio. He calmed right down after a .308 to the chest and a follow-up to his head. Not ‘old’ at the time, my speed with a (carried at port arms) rifle was pretty damned good. He was about ten STEPS from me when I hit him. So-even if the Park Rangers suggest “….100 yards away from….” Yogi and Booboo, I think I’d like to keep a bit more than a short par-3 between me and something that not only can kill you but-given the opportunity-WILL eat you. 😉 IMO, anybody who ventures within 100 yards of EITHER of either bears OR wolves stands a fair chance of becoming lunch. I’ll pass.

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