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Graffiti investigation results in felony vandalism arrests

Kenlee McIntire and Sara Flowers
Kenlee McIntire and Sara Flowers

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – Over the last couple weeks, Idaho Falls Police officers have been notified of a string of graffiti around Idaho Falls.

This particular graffiti included a common colors, words/letters, and was found on multiple private residences, garages, apartments and business property.

Two Idaho Falls Police Gang Unit officers have been investigating this string of vandalism along with the help of other IFPD patrol officers.

Through the investigation, officers were able to secure security camera footage from a resident that showed the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle.

From that, officers were able to identify a possible suspect and began to attempt to locate him. On March 14, IFPD received a tip from a community member that further helped to identify the suspects.

On March 22, Patrol Bureau officers located the suspect's vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on Holmes Avenue. The primary investigating officers responded to the scene to speak with the vehicle occupants.

The driver of the vehicle, who was the previously identified suspect, and the passenger were both detained at that time. While speaking with officers, both individuals admitted to participating in the vandalism. Officers located cans of spray paint in the vehicle, as well as notebooks and other materials with symbols and designs matching the graffiti.

22-year-old Kenlee McIntire of Idaho Falls and 19-year-old Sara Flowers of Idaho Falls were each arrested for felony malicious injury to property and were taken to the Bonneville County Jail.

Idaho Falls Police officers have compiled the reports of several instances of this graffiti. The damages of the reported vandalism amount to more than $1,000 already, but there may be additional cases that have not yet been reported.

The Idaho Falls Police Department is asking members of the public to report any matching graffiti that often includes the lettering, “KRE3P” and “SA FLOW” through IFPD Online Reporting webpage HERE.

All graffiti, whether relating to this case or otherwise, can be reported through the same online reporting form.

Residents are encouraged to remove or cover graffiti on their own private property, after ensuring that it has been reported and documented by law enforcement.

Graffiti or vandalism on public property will be removed or covered by the appropriate entities, but residents are still encouraged to report it to ensure that law enforcement and the proper entities are aware of any vandalism.

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  1. With everything going on these days, now these two loosers are living off of taxpayers! Instead of buying paint to leave your tags all over town, you should have spent your money on personal hygiene items? 🙈🙉🙊

  2. They should be euthanized. Not necessarily for the CRIME so much as for the TIMING.
    One note, however, to the arresting officers: Next time, catch ’em, cuff ’em, and take them over to a spray car wash BEFORE jailing them. Their ‘fellow’ inmates may not be the Salt-of-the-Earth type, but human beings don’t deserve having PIGS thrown in with them!

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