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Blackfoot man sentenced to 3 life sentences

Kilby Williams
Kilby Williams

BLACKFOOT, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - A 36-year-old Blackfoot man was sentenced Thursday to three life sentences on three counts of lewd conduct with a child under the age of 16. 

Lewd conduct with a child is a felony under Idaho Code 18-1508 and carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. 

Kilby Williams previously pled guilty to the three counts pursuant to a binding plea agreement negotiated by his attorney Allen Browning of Browning Law and Bingham County Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney David Cousin. 

The sentencing was originally set for July but was continued multiple times due to COVID-19 concerns.  

Pursuant to the binding agreement, the remaining four counts were dismissed.  

In addition to the life sentences, the plea agreement also included a waiver of Williams's right to appeal the case.

Judge Simpson accepted the binding plea agreement and followed its terms, imposing the three life sentences with 20 years fixed. 

All three sentences are running concurrently with each other.  

Williams admitted to various incidents of lewd conduct, as defined pursuant to Idaho Code 18-1508, with a five-year-old victim over the course of several months. 

Williams admitted to the acts but put blame on the five-year-old victim and on hearing voices in his head. 

While sentencing Williams to incarceration, the judge referred to the crimes as “abhorrent conduct” with “no excuse.” 

In addition to the terms of the plea agreement, Cousin requested the court impose $5,000.00 civil penalty in favor of the victim pursuant to Idaho Code 19-5307.  The judge granted that request as well.

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  1. “….imposing the three life sentences with 20 years fixed.”
    These sort of inane (MULTIPLE) life-sentences are proffered simply to make it look like prosecutors are actually DOING their jobs, rather than just avoiding an actual trial/work! BS!

  2. He admits to molesting a five year old and places the blame on the victim. Why is only 20 years fixed? He’s a menace to society and as such should be excluded from society for the rest of his life. Or I like the suggestion of another, let’s dunk him in the Snake River and leave him there! There is such a small chance of rehabilitation of child molesters, let’s not take a chance that he would do this again in 20 or more years!

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