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Arizona man to face DUI, drug charges in fatal crash

LAS VEGAS (AP) - An Arizona man will face multiple felony driving under the influence and drug charges in a head-on crash on a Nevada highway that killed three members of an Idaho family and left two children injured, authorities said Wednesday.

The Nevada Highway Patrol said Tyler Kennedy, 32, of Tolleson, Arizona, was being held at the Nye County Jail in Pahrump pending a court appearance on charges also including reckless driving resulting in death or serious injury.

Records did not reflect if Kennedy had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf.

The crash occurred March 27 when Kennedy, driving a 1998 Ford F-150 pickup traveling north, crossed the center line on a stretch of U.S. 95 near Scotty's Junction and slammed into a 2011 Toyota Highlander headed south, the highway patrol said.

Five people from Victor, Idaho, were in the Toyota SUV. It went off the road and overturned.

Killed were the driver, Michael Durmeier, 39; his fiance, Lauren Starcevich, 38; and his daughter, Georgia Durmeier, 12.

A 10-year-old boy in the Toyota remained in critical condition Wednesday at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, highway patrol Trooper Travis Smaka said. A 6-year-old girl was reported to be in stable condition.

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  1. Really a crying damned shame that ‘people’ such as ‘Mr.’ Kennedy can’t just be–oh, my bad; subsequent a conviction/plea deal, of course–….oh, I don’t know(?)….drug to death behind a (slow-moving!) car*. You know; make a hell of a deterrent for the NEXT P.o.S.!
    25 years or so ago, I used drive down to Tonopah, pick up an old college buddy and head down for Vegas. We’d stop for a round of golf at Pahrump (the Calvada, I believe) before continuing down to L.V. for a WEEK’S worth of golf.
    This AIN’T a tough drive, folks. It’s not ye olde #93, but was a real, well-designed AND maintained, state highway. Of course, neither Rick or I ever tried it ****-faced.
    It is horrible to see a family utterly eviscerated by human trash like Kennedy. Sure hope there’s a REAL prosecutor involved in THIS case. Maybe the one they used for O.J.? You know; on that time he actually GOT convicted?
    * I’ll volunteer to drive and cover the gas!

  2. Although, as someone who has been personally affected by a drunk POS, many years ago, I still believe in the laws. Therefore, early to comment I would say, but you most of the time appear to be someone I have noted who has NO respect for the law, I suggest moving to Venezuela or Cuba; close and great weather (minus Hurricane season).

    Even those this person, if I actually saw or heard the actual trail and proof, vs. news which is no longer true news today, I would happily condemn to life in prison or worse. We now live in a country where mass murders are not executed, where people in prison for life are let free, where people who actually commit FIRST degree murder are let go due to idiotic bail laws (some states, not Idaho….yet).

    But your posts can be amusing since they appear discombobulated as hell.

    1. “We now live in a country where mass murders are not executed, where people in prison for life are let free, where people who actually commit FIRST degree murder are let go due to idiotic bail laws (some states, not Idaho….yet).”
      ….and yet you say I have “NO respect for the law….”?
      You’re right on one point, J Weld. I AM confused. In re exactly WHEN American justice became ‘justice’.
      Venezuela or Cuba is no more ‘corrupt’ than the one the United States now has, they are simply corrupted by the ‘leaders’. What has corrupted OUR society is, well….the causal at least starts with the same letter as theirs! 😉
      I too have been ‘affected’ by a DUI P.O.S. No ‘death’, just a life-long crippling injury. Said DUI P.O.S. got 6 months and 3 YEARS ‘probation’. 🙁

  3. When are the politicians going to get serious about protecting citizens? We need laws that will make it impossible for prosecutors to plea bargain a case where the drug and/or alcohol impaired person that causes a crash that causes bodily harm or death is put away for 10 years or more depending on the circumstances. The present laws that allow prosecutors to plea bargain such a person to probation only or a slap on the wrist and probation are a sick joke on the rest of us!

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