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Idaho Falls

Local elementary asks for food donations to feed needy students during winter break


IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - For some students, winter break means holidays, fun, and no school. However, for other students who live with food insecurity in their homes, it means hunger. 

At Hawthorne Elementary in Idaho Falls, staff and volunteers are getting together to make food backpacks to ensure their students who are in need, stay fed throughout the holidays. 

The school is still low on food and is asking the public’s help for donations to make these backpacks happen. 

Items needed are: 

  • Kellogg Jumbo Assortment Pack single-serve boxes (30/pack)
  • Quaker Oatmeal flavor variety (52 packets/box)
  • Member's Mark applesauce (45 ct) individual cups
  • Kellogg's Nutri Grain Bars (36 bar ct)
  • Kraft Easy Mac Microwavable Macaroni & Cheese (12 ct)
  • Member's Mark Fruity snacks (100 pk)
  • Lance Toasty Sandwich Crackers (40 ct)
  • Chef Boyardee Variety microwavable pack (12 pk)
  • Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Snack Packs (30 ct)
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (60 ct)

All items can be purchased at Sam’s Club, and donations need to be in by December 17. 

Donations can be dropped off at Hawthorne Elementary or at 6061 S. 45th East, Idaho Falls. 

For more information, or help transporting the donations, you can call Brent Belnap at (208) 521- 7217.

For an updated list of the items still needed, click here. 

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Jilliana Colin

Jilliana Colina

Jilliana is a reporter for Local News 8 and KIDK Eyewitness News 3.



  1. What screening process is being used to determine the students in need?
    Are the adults in custody of these children (I shudder to use the term “parents”) more concerned about their nicotine habit, drinking alcohol, smoking weed, feeding their pit bulls, and getting their next tat than the kids’ well being?
    Looks like the list of recipients would be a good start for CPS to start checking on the youngsters’ well being.
    The sodium laden junk food on the shopping list is quite disappointing also.

  2. To Hugh: Guess LN8 has determined the commenters can’t ‘like’ others’ comments, I guess THIS is how I’ll have to do it. Agree completely with everything you wrote. I would guess the ‘screening process’ is non-existent. A LONG time ago, I used to volunteer in the Soup Kitchen on Boulevard occasionally.
    I stopped (solely because I was NOT a member of any church or religious group. I had began to feel like a third (fifth? seventh?) wheel. At THAT time–early eighties, maybe?–I felt that the VAST majority of the recipients were ‘needy’. Today? About 11:00am or so, park on either street immediately to the side OF the Soup Kitchen’s building. Watch the ‘needy’–or certainly a fair percentage of them–park to the east (some in better vehicles than I drive) and waddle down to get in line for a free lunch! 🙁

  3. Similar problem with the summer free meals for kids in the parks down in Chubbuck/Pocatello. The number of Cadillacs and 70K trucks dropping kids off for free lunch (did I say free, I meant taxpayer paid for lunches) is ludicrous.
    Also, the one park is in a neighborhood that you would be hard pressed to find a family making under 80K and yet the cities both have thousands of people living in them who don’t even have kids.
    Paying for an education for kids is one thing, paying to feed other people’s kids is another thing.
    Can’t afford them, don’t have them.

  4. Forgot…
    Like buttons are going away on most sites cause people who never get a “like,” cry about it so can’t have something that wold hurt anyone’s feelings.

    1. Gotta admit, J Weld; never even THOUGHT about that one! Confession (OLD dude here, only the MOST basic grasp of the Internet, Disqus (etc.), ‘likes’, et al): I was ‘on Disqus’ for almost a YEAR before I even knew they KEPT track of ANYTHING. I actually can’t imagine a grown-up caring whatsoever regarding ‘likes’, ‘dislikes’, ‘hates’….okay; I made that one up! 😉 Must be something like that delusional ‘friends’ thing on facebook, I guess. I’ve had KEVLAR ‘feelings’ since WAY before KEVLAR was even invented!

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