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Fall leaves could be delayed

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - The autumn season is just starting to approach us this year. Although the leaves are starting to now change colors, there are some concerns about a delay to when all the leaves will turn into the fresh autumn colors and the amount of time to which these leaves will show these colors before falling to the ground.

The main concerning factor for the leaves is the weather. In order to provide the typical beauty of autumn, the leaves need a specific amount of rainfall and temperature.

This weather season for Eastern Idaho has been anything but normal. The drought has still continued to plague the region for most of the year. Record high temperatures have been tossed around to our local towns like a deck of cards.

These weather pattern changes could both decrease the amount of time for the fall foliage to occur to the point of where some experts are stating that some leaves could turn straight from green to brown and then fall to the ground.

In fact, a tourism site that procreates a fall foliage forecast every year had to change their forecast for the first time ever. They are also providing a mid season update to the map as well, which is also another first for the site. Although the fall colors are still predicted to come through for our region in the end, these firsts are still alarming for the future of the conservation of the fall season.

The first frosty mornings of the year usually signify the beginning for the leaves to change into fall colors. It usually occurs in the middle of September, but they haven't started happening until the beginning of this week.

Garden experts advise to keep your shrubs moist, cover up the barks on your trees, and to lay fertilizer down in order to keep your plants healthy during the fall.

If you want to see the current outlook for the fall foliage, you can check it out here.

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Evan Thomason

Evan is the weekend meteorologist and reporter.


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