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School funding levies on local ballots Tuesday

Election 2020

In addition to the Presidential preference primaries of the Republican, Democratic, and Constitution Parties, voters will be deciding a number of school funding issues.

The Pocatello-Chubbuck School district is seeking a 10-year, $80.6 million plant facilities levy.

Grace is seeking a one-year, $300,000 plant facilities levy.

Challis is seeking a 5-year, $250,000 plant facility levy.

Preston is proposing a 5-year, $4.5 million plant facility levy.

Swan Valley is proposing a 6-year, $480,000 plant facility levy.

And American Falls is seeking a $3.88 million plant facility levy.

Several other school districts are seeking supplemental tax levies.

Aberdeen is seeking a two-year, $1.9 million supplemental levy.

Shelley is proposing a two-year, $1.15 million supplemental levy.

Salmon is proposing a two-year, $900,000 supplemental levy.

Soda Springs is seeking a one-year $698,000 supplemental levy.

Mackay is proposing a two-year, $150,000 supplemental levy.

Oneida is asking for a two-year, $580,000 supplemental levy.

And West Side is proposing a one-year, $90,000 supplemental levy.

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