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Bull elk rescued from entangled swing

Tangled Elk IDFG
drugged elk
Free elk

KETCHUM, Idaho (KIFI)-Idaho Fish and Game Department officers came to the aid of a bull elk Monday, after the animal got his antlers caught in a backyard swing that was still attached to a tree.

The elk had broken free of the tree, but the wooden seat of the swing and several feet of rope were still entangled.

Officers determined the only way to free the elk was to anesthetize it using a dart. 

Conservation Officer Brandyn Hurd said the same elk became entangled in a large hammock last October and nearly drown when the hammock got water soaked as the elk tried to cross the Big Wood River.

Animals that receive an anesthetizing drug are marked with a green ear tag and a unique identification number.

Fish and Game Department officials remind homeowners to remove all backyard furniture and playground equipment over the winter months.   Residents should inspect their property for items that could pose a risk to wildlife, including things with ropes, swings, wires, cords, and strings of lights.

An entangled animal can sometimes asphyxiate, die from exhaustion, or injure themselves in efforts to get free, officers said.

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