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Idaho Falls Police corral hit and run driver

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - Idaho Falls Police followed a set of footprints from the scene of a hit and run accident to a hiding suspect at a nearby home at around 8 a.m. on February 19.

Henry Charboneau, 33, of Idaho Falls, was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and three other outstanding warrants.

Police were called to an injury accident at the intersection of Tiger Avenue and John Adams Parkway.   The driver and passenger of one of the vehicles involved had run away from the scene.

Another set of officers were called for a report of a man who had forced open and damaged the door of an apartment, then run away.  

Officers found a set of footprints in the snow they believed belonged to the suspect.  The tracks led from the vehicle to the apartment and then to another home on Holbrook Street.

Officers also located the female passenger, who confirmed the suspect was Charboneau.

Police got the man out of the Holbrook Street residence and took him into custody without incident.   

Charboneau had a suspended drivers license. He was cited for driving without privileges, misdemeanor charges for hit and run, malicious injury to property, and unlawful entry, and four other felony warrants.

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    1. 13? Maybe he’s boasting about his I.Q. 😉
      I’d say he’s a ‘gang member’ but the BBB says we don’t HAVE any of those here in Idaho Falls, don’t they? A HUGE kudos to the cops, BTW. That’s one LESS of the filthy batsturds kept away from the humans! 🙁

  1. “….the intersection of Tiger Avenue and John Adams Parkway.”
    A damned fine intersection/place to AVOID. I’m guessing the apartment buildings on the east side of Tiger Avenue have maybe three ‘mandatory’ vehicle liability policies and maybe TWICE that many actual (as in ‘state-issued’) operators’ licenses between them.
    The intersection at T.A. and J.A. should be avoided by ALL drivers who actual drive ‘defensively’. 😉

  2. Can we say drug addict, does not accept responsibility (it’s everyone else’s fault he’s a felon), most likely gang member and a worthless member of society based on the booking photo? Oh, I guess we can’t because that would be stereotyping!

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