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Fight Against Aggressive Driving Campaign Starts Today

EASTERN IDAHO (KIFI) - The Idaho State Police combined with the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office and the Idaho Falls Police announced that today they would begin their campaign to start cracking down on aggressive drivers. This plan consists of using more officers in the field to monitor more drivers on the road.

They will be looking and giving out citations to more drivers who are driving unsafely. Examples of hazardous driving are running through red lights, tailgating, weaving in and out of lanes, and failing to use turn signals.

These police departments felt this call of action was necessary since aggressive driving accounts for over half of accidents. They want to crack down on incidents and near misses of accidents before they happen.

This campaign is expected to last at least until August 8.

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Evan Thomason

Evan is the weekend meteorologist and reporter.


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  1. YES!!! About time. Drivers seem to have gotten worse over the years. I have witnessed so many jerks running red lights, it seems like less than half of the drivers know where their turn signals are and rudeness and discourtesy are rampant.

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