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Idaho Falls Zoo receives local and international help at clean-up event

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) - The Idaho Falls Zoo received some much-needed help at Saturday's clean-up event.

Some of the volunteers were international travelers.

Minji Kim began touring America with her family last year. She learned about the zoo clean-up during her family's stay in Idaho.

“I was looking around at our falls and looking for some entertainment, and I found out that there's a zoo," said Elementary student Minji Kim.

When the South Korean girl learned of the clean-up event, she recruited friends from the local swim team and elementary school.

Minji and her classmates clean up the zoo.

Kim has been a life-long fan of penguins and got excited at the idea of entering the zoo early during the clean-up.

"So this is a great opportunity for me to see the animals the animals before even the zoo is opening,” said Kim

Several crowds of volunteers came to prepare the park for the spring.

Many of them came from local businesses or park sponsors.

One volunteer said his family comes to visit the zoo almost every week.

Volunteers gather to help local zoo.

“It's a really good resource for the area," said Zoology Council Member Gray Augustus. "So it's a good opportunity to give back something that we utilize throughout the year.”

Now that the park is cleaned, the zookeepers can begin preparing the habitats for new visitors.

The zoo opens Wednesday, April 13.

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Seth Ratliff

Seth is a reporter for Local News 8 and Eyewitness News 3.


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