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Mayor Blad keeps his seat following runoff election

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) - Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad will keep his seat at city hall after a runoff election Tuesday.

Unofficial results showed Blad took 55% of the votes over his challenger David Worley with 44% of the votes.

The final results were 6,174 to 4,909 votes.

The runoff was required when none of the candidates received 50% of the vote in the General Election on Nov. 2. Blad received 46.18% of the votes, while Worley received 33.51% of the votes.

Only residents of Pocatello were eligible to vote.

Blad said his supporters really stepped up with his campaign. “It’s amazing to me to see people in our community said look we need to keep going where we are going right now. People have stepped out and said we going to do this. They’ve made phone called, they’ve knocked door to door, they’ve done all kinds of stuff for us. It’s just been nice to see a community reach out and say you’re doing a good job we want to keep you there,” said Blad.

Before the votes were finished counting Worley said, “Again, we ran a great campaign. I had a lot of support in the area. So, we are really optimistic with the ultimate result.”

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  1. Well, when you only have 11,088 citizens vote when there is approximately 40,000 citizens in Pocatello that can vote, that is pathetic! If you don’t vote, change won’t happen! Blad is now a member of the Old Guard & follows their agenda. It is very sad because Worley was going to help Pocatello get out of the rut it is in! I hope Worley tries again because he was our best hope for REAL CHANGE in Pocatello. Those who didn’t vote, have NO RIGHT to complain about what happens going forward.

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