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Idaho Senator issues statement on Suleimani death

Jim Risch
Senator Jim Risch

BOISE, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK)-Idaho Senator Jim Risch (R) is chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Risch issued the following statement Friday regarding the death of Iranian commander General Qassem Suleimani.

"Congratulations to President Trump on his decisive action and the successful outcome. Qassem Suleimani was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and his death presents an opportunity for Iraq to determine its own future free from Iranian control. As I have previously warned the Iranian government, they should not mistake our reasonable restraint in response to their previous attacks as weakness. The U.S. will always vigorously defend our interests and allies in the face of terrorist conduct and provocations.

"On behalf of every American serviceman and servicewoman who has either been killed or injured due to an Iranian-provided IED or rocket in Iraq over the years, today justice was done. Suleimani was responsible for the weapons program that caused those casualties and injuries with the use of those treacherous and cowardly devices."

Democratic Congressional leaders say they were not briefed on the action. Risch did not say if he was informed.

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  1. Seems I missed the Congressional authorization and declaration of war here. Didn’t DJT say something about attacking Iran in an election year as a election strategy?

  2. Countries don’t declare war for individuals in foreign countries that are killed. Which solemani was a foreign combatant in a foreign country who orchestrated the killings of hundreds of usa soldiers in that same country. Where does there need to be a declaration of war?

      1. Sure if he was the Mastermind behind the terrorist cells in that foreign country. Free game. Which we all know the sec def is kind of a horrible example. Maybe a lower star general who is an actual participant.

      2. So as per your logic we should declare war on every origin country of every foreign combatant that we come across leaders as well as foot soldiers. If that was the case we would be at war with half of Europe most of the middle East. And who knows what other country. I stand by my original comment we don’t declare war because of individuals. I guess we could but we don’t because it doesn’t make sense to.

  3. Someone needs to do some research on this piece of human dung that was taken out. He is responsible for over 600 Americans killed by this animal.
    And no, a declaration of war is not needed. Even Obama, when he stuck his head out of the bunker from hiding, used Drones to kill people, including INTENTIONALLY killing two American citizens overseas (that was illegal as heck and never prosecuted for it).
    So I would expect nothing but condemnation from cowardly dems against Trump and yet some have actually come out and stated the guy deserved to be killed.
    As for Iran killing one of our people high in the administration. I’m sure they will try and if it happens it happens, but I’m sure they won’t declare war before the do it.

    But cowardly people in this country are happy with countries like Iran killing hundreds of thousands of people so long as they don’t get their feelings hurt.
    Too bad. Anyone in this country who does not like it here can always jump and move.

  4. Fake president tries to start war to divert attention from his evil misdeeds.
    Will you sacrifice your children to feed the egomaniac’’s self-serving obsessions?
    Better to honor the Constitution, not the oligarch wannabe, in this instance.
    He’s been impeached, now Convict & Incarcerate!
    Have a nice day

    1. Oh please. The USA is in the best shape it has been in 50 years.
      It’s liberal (so called Americans) that need to back off and let him do his job that the majority voted for.
      You fit into the category of an America hater that wants to destroy this country by letting in illegals and wanting free stuff.

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