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Utah city passes ordinance limiting drinking establishments

Brew industry expected to grow in Pocatello

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) - An ordinance limiting the number of drinking establishments in downtown St. George was passed after the city received complaints, stopping other potential business owners from applying for permits, officials said.

The St. George City Council approved Thursday an ordinance that would cap the number of stand-alone bars allowed in the downtown arts district at four rather than six. The city previously regulated one bar permit in a zone for every 15,000 people, the Spectrum reported.

Three permits are already accounted for and a fourth is in the early stages of seeking approval from the city.

The permit for the fourth bar, which would be located in Ancestor Square, was submitted to the city as an "upscale lounge" with an enforced dress code. It was approved by the city's planning commission on Tuesday.

The permit will next head to the city council for approval.

The decision to limit drinking establishments in the city comes after three bars were rapidly approved in the last year. The city's first stand-alone bar Zion Brewing's Station II opened in late 2019 followed by Wood Ash Rye and Hive 435.

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