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The Salt Lake Tribune to consider removing booking photos

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The Salt Lake Tribune has announced that it will start taking requests from people who want their names or images removed from previous coverage, joining newsrooms across the country reckoning with the potential long-term consequences of their reporting, especially for people of color.

The newspaper said it spent two months developing new guidance and procedure for takedown decisions, which are already in effect.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported Friday it recognizes the lasting impact its reporting can have, especially for those accused of minor, nonviolent crimes.

Under the guidance, booking photos may be removed and case updates may be added, but full stories will rarely be removed. A small committee will research requests and make monthly recommendations before a final decision is made by Executive Editor Lauren Gustus.

"We don't want to be an obstacle to the future success of individuals accused of minor crimes," Gustus said. "And we ask for your understanding and patience as we consider each request respectfully and with integrity."

Recently, The Boston Globe announced its "Fresh Start" initiative, and Plain Dealer has had its "Right to be forgotten" policy in place since 2018.

"Just as people deserve a fresh start, we too must evaluate and redefine our role and the impact we have in communities we serve," the newspaper guidance wrote.

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