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House OKs bill targeting predatory medical debt collectors

Idaho Capitol

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Legislation to create transparency in medical bills sent to patients and to rein in predatory medical debt collectors is heading to the Senate after an extraordinary debate in the Idaho House.

Representatives Monday approved the legislation after a two-hour debate that included lawmakers sharing personal stories.

The measure would require doctors and medical facilities to provide timely and clear bills for clients.

It also would limit how much attorneys can get paid in specific circumstances involving medical debt collection.

Backers call it consumer protection legislation, while opponents say it would increase healthcare costs for patients who pay their bills.

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  1. Still say it’s the wrong TYPE of ‘targeting’, but at least it’s something! 😉
    *No, I have NEVER had a past due medical bill, let alone one that has been turned-over to the lawyers/predators. Sorry; guess that description IS a bit redundant, huh?
    Know another ‘fun’ game you can play with ‘medical billings’? Ask for/demand an explanation of all that ‘coding’ bs! In English! Words! Find OUT that you–a male patient–paid eight bucks APIECE for ‘tampons’. FIVE of ’em. During your OVERNIGHT stay for ‘observation’. Six dollar aspirins–actually supplied or NOT–are de rigueur. Or were back in the late 90’s, anyway. Are you maybe starting to figure out WHY I’ve never HAD a past due medical bill? 😉

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