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Windy and Sunny Sunday Ahead

OVERNIGHT: We have a wind advisory in effect just east of Idaho Falls until 9pm tonight. Most places are currently seeing sustained winds of 20-30 mph with gusts above 40 mph, but wind should die down just slightly tonight with most areas seeing winds between 10-20 mph. Once the sun comes down, the rain showers in southeast Idaho should fizzle out and we should be under mostly clear skies for the night. Low temperatures for the Snake River Valley should be around 50 degrees while the mountainous areas could get down to 40.

TOMORROW: The wind will again speed up for Sunday as we should see sustained winds reach up to 25 mph. Dry air should filter into the area leaving us with mostly sunny skies. Temperatures become also a little cooler with most high's through the region getting to just below 80 degrees.

THROUGH THE WORK WEEK: Winds start to die down on Monday and Tuesday, but then are expected to ramp up again on Wednesday. On Wednesday, these winds are bringing in a slight rain chance for showers and thunderstorms that will continue into Thursday. High Temperatures warm up again to the 80's on Tuesday, but thanks to the rain, are expected to go back down to the upper 70's in the later half of the week.

Evan Thomason


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