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Warming Trend Inbound

TODAY: We are beginning to warm up after the cold front that came through yesterday. High temperatures are expected to be in the mid 60's in the mountains to the low 70's in the valleys. The winds are also calming down as we only have sustained winds only between 5-10 mph today. Partly Cloudy skies should be persistent everywhere throughout the day with no rain chances.

WEEKEND: We will jumping up by 10 degrees each day for the weekend. High's on Saturday get into the 80's and on Sunday get into the 90's. The winds should remain calm during the entire time. We might have a slim rain chance for Central Idaho on Saturday morning, but besides that, everything is in the clear for the weekend as cloud cover decreases and we should have mostly sunny conditions.

BEYOND: Temperatures will slightly increase even beyond having high's in the low 90's on Sunday. We could reach record high temperatures for Monday, Tuesday, and possibly more days later next week. With no rain chances in sight, this could lead to some wildfires.

Evan Thomason


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