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Heat Incoming is one for the Record Books

OVERNIGHT: Temperatures should cool down a bit for the night down to the high 40's for most of the region after getting the highs to the lower to mid 80's today. Winds should remain fairly calm at 5-10 mph throughout the night. Just as it was very clear out today, we will also look to maintain that through the night with no rain chances.

SUNDAY: This is the start of the massive heat wave rolling through the region. We could see high temperatures increase by a good 10 degrees to where they are in the mid 90's. Winds could slightly increase to about 10-15 mph tomorrow. With low humidity throughout the area too, we could be looking into fire threats starting tomorrow as well. No rain chances will help out the threat too.

LONG TERM: Record high temperatures will likely be in store as well for Monday and Tuesday. A tiny cool burst might help suppress the high temperatures by about 5-10 degrees for Wednesday to move high's down to the upper 80's, but besides that there is no break in sight. There is slight rain chances for a light shower on Tuesday and Wednesday more particularly for Western Wyoming.

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Evan Thomason

Evan is the weekend meteorologist and reporter.


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