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Fire Weather with Hot Temperatures Expected Tomorrow

OVERNIGHT: Conditions should be fairly calm throughout the night. Temperatures get down to the 50's throughout much of the area with only a slight breeze with winds being mostly 5-10 mph. Skies should be mostly clear with the exception of the southern edge of Idaho including Pocatello receiving partly cloudy skies.

TOMORROW: Stay Fire Alert. All of the conditions will be present for fire weather to take place as we have a red flag warning in place across much of Eastern Idaho until 10pm tomorrow. Temperatures will be hot as the high's should get up to the low 90's. Winds should be howling with winds sticking between 15-25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph. Low humidity levels continue as there should be no rain chances for tomorrow.

LONG TERM: We do have a cool down for Father's Day though on Sunday. Cool breezes around 10 mph bring in cooler winds from the north to get high's down to the low 80's for Sunday and for most of the region on Monday too. High's return back to the 90's though on Tuesday, but rain chances are finally looking to come back into the picture for the middle of next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Evan Thomason

Evan is the weekend meteorologist and reporter.


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