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NeighborWorks Pocatello shows their progress through ‘Blight to Bright’ tour

Neighborhoods in Bannock County are looking better by the year. NeighborWork Pocatello hosted community members on a bus to see “before and after” projects throughout city neighborhoods.

The event was called “Blight to Bright.” The tour was about an hour and attendees got the chance to see project complete by the organization.

Their goal is to revitalize old neighborhoods within the city. They had the opportunity to show their progress, Thursday.

“Rather than telling them a story, take them in the forefront to see the good before and after. Nothing better than having a little show and tell and getting your partners and funders out in the field to see exactly what you do,” said executive director for NeighborWork Pocatello, Mark Dahlquist.

NeighborWorks has created 165 homes in Pocatello over the past 25 years. A recent study has shown those homes have generated more than $14 million in tax assessment and over $200,000 in annual property tax payments.

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