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Pocatello’s Northgate project continues with momentum

Pocatello is making room for growth. Nowhere is that clearer than at the Northgate development.

The plans for the development’s water infrastructure are being finalized after the Department of Environmental Quality asked the city to take a closer look at the plans.

The city is conducting a study into the wastewater treatment plant to make sure the facility can handle the growth.

“Yeah, so that’s about a year-and-a-half to two-year process while we complete that study and help us figure out what the future looks like for our wastewater treatment plant and when we need to start adding capacity out there,” said Jeff Mansfield, the Pocatello public works director.

After looking into different options, the city settled on installing a sewer line on Fairgrounds Road and plans to keep future sewer lines and pumps within the Pocatello city limits.

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