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Murder suspect request to be transferred

Dustin Alfaro
Bannnock County Jail
Dustin Alfaro

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - A Bannock County murder suspect wants to be moved another county.

Dustin Alfaro, charged with the first-degree murder of Arlyne Koehler in March, appeared before judge Naftz on Thursday to request a transfer to Bingham county.

A motion was held to have Alfaro transferred to the Bingham County Jail from Bannock County by request of Alfaro’s defense attorney, John Scott Andrew.

His defense attorney claims jail staff antagonize him and treat him differently than other inmates.

As a result, Andrew said this could be a contributing factor to Alfaro’s poor behavior after he damaged the jail’s sprinkler system two months ago.

“His mental health is going to change dramatically if he’s out of the environment,” Andrew said.

He says it’s been difficult to meet with Alfaro due to stress-induced by his living arrangement within the jail.

Alfaro is currently being housed in a disciplinary pod; an isolated cell only used to house inmates as a punishment. Alfaro has lived there since he arrived.

Alfaro has had phone privileges taken away following the sprinkler incident. He has not been able to talk to his sister or mother; which Andrew says could also be a contributing factor to bad behavior.

Prosecutors argue there is no evidence supporting their claims and should not stand in court without documentation or evidence.

The debate ended in a stalemate when Judge Naftz decided both parties need to discuss with Bannock County Sheriff Nielsen before he’ll consider transferring Alfaro.

Alfaro’s murder trial begins March third.

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  1. And I’d like to be the first to say, from the very bottom of my heart….too ******* BAD! Trust me, if it’s still ALIVE its jailers are showing a LOT more restraint than I would! 🙁

  2. Accused of murdering an elderly woman and he doesn’t like he cannot call sis or other relatives. Really?

    And upset cause he is confined? Put him in gen pop for a few days while the guards are having lunch and see how he likes that idea.

    I say let’s just get this piece of human garbage tried and if found guilty lock him away for life (or better yet….execute).

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