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2 arrested after 2-year-old found unattended

Lauren Florea and Domenique Florea
Lauren Florea and Domenique Florea

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - Idaho Falls Police were called to Fox Hollow Elementary School for a report that a 2-year-old had been found alone in the playground on June 22 around 11:40 a.m.

The caller reported a small child had been playing on the playground for over an hour unattended.

The caller remained in the area watching the child for a time assuming parents would arrive shortly and also attempted to find the child’s parents, knocking on several doors in the area but was unsuccessful and ultimately called Idaho Falls/Bonneville County Dispatch.

While the child was unable to clearly communicate because of his young age, he climbed in a battery-operated toy car and began driving it in the direction of a residence. Officers followed the child after he indicated to them he was going home.

Officers knocked on the front door of the residence the child led them too, but no one answered the door. There were several indicators on the property that indicated this was the child’s home.

The child led officers to the backyard where officers found a sliding door open. There was also a child’s swimming pool filled with enough water to create a drowning hazard for the unattended child.

Officers became concerned the child’s parents may be injured or deceased and entered the residence.

Officers announced themselves several times but received no response.

As officers went further into the residence a person outside the residence called out that a man had climbed out a window and was running away.

Officers gave chase and were able to apprehend the male running through nearby fields.

A short time after successfully catching and detaining the man, officers determined the name initially given for him was false. He was successfully identified as the woman’s spouse and the child’s father and was found in possession of .45 grams of heroin.

At the same time, officers inside the residence located a woman who was the child’s mother.

Officers questioned both individuals about their child’s whereabouts.

Neither could account for how long or why the child had been left unattended. The woman appeared to be very confused and under the influence of something.

While inside the residence, officers observed several items of drug paraphernalia including several used syringes on night stands and tables within reach of the child.

The child was placed in imminent danger and was removed from the home.

28-year-old Idaho Falls resident Lauren Florea was arrested for felony injury to a child and frequenting a place where controlled substances are used, manufactured, cultivated, held or delivered.

39-year-old Idaho Falls resident Domenique Florea was arrested for felony injury to a child, resisting or obstructing, possession of a controlled substance, providing false information to an officer and an outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

Both individuals were taken to the Bonneville County Jail.

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  1. “He was successfully identified as the woman’s spouse and the child’s father and was found in possession of .45 grams of heroin.”
    Gee, WHAT a surprise! “Mommy” looked more like a crack-*hore to me. Well I’m SURE Child Services will make certain she’s on the straight-and-narrow before giving the child BACK to it. Er….I mean back to ‘her’.
    Kudos to the caller! They most likely saved a child from death or serious injury, caused mostly from the fact that some ‘people’ should be prevented from birthing children. Oh well….I’m sure its lawyer will have a DAMNED fine excuse. 🙁

  2. And people are advocating that we abolish the police. So since there’s not going to be any police around who’s going to take care of these poor defenseless kids when they got loser parents?

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